These Things Are Known

Are you kidding me? Every dog nose that the first walk of the day is the best ever, until the next one. Just like every real musician knows that the only note more important than this one is the next. Every hungry devil knows that fresh Diablo Sauce stings, and every trite-slinging writer excuses his tripe as necessary, this time. And this 51 year old father knows his son is watching everything.

In the late afternoon light gifted photographers know is the magic, as much as ice cream trucks know magic poofs into being when they pull over and stop. Every weed-whacking yay-hoo ought to know about noise pollution, and everybody knows kindness trumps harshness, but we forget.

For all the every-time you do it, even as "this time" will be the last, so will the did-it-anyway times be an opportunity for redemption. Every chicken pot pie knows it's cooked when it bubbles. And every body of water thirsts for bodies, sort of like every mountain longs to be climbed.

In the age of the image, every word knows its time is coming. Every social media touts itself as king, but every post to Instagram isn't close to equal. Every slow cooked pork roast knows it's delicious, vegetarians notwithstanding. Every dense and fecund Sugar Maple woods needs the falling leaves, even with no one there to catch them.

And for certain every heart knows it's big enough to love everything, even as our minds tell us it's not so. These things, and more, are known.

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