Coyote Trouble

Boots battle mud this day at Squire Valleview Farm, out Fairmount Avenue almost to the Chagrin River. I take the mutts out there to run, nice space. It's a Case Western U. research farm; sign says no dogs off leash. Posted too is a sheet with reasons, like potential damage to field experiments. Oh well, not the first time I rule break, don't let me son know. 

The sheet doesn't say why no deer are around. Fine by me, dogs give chase and cause concern, once attacked a doe momentarily grounded on slippery hillside (another story). This story is dog gets caught in coyote trap.

Because coyotes equal no deer but plenty worried farm neighbors here in exurbia. Worried enough to set traps.  

My reverie this day interrupted by stomach-flipping dog cries (loud!) Two hounds here, where's third? I ran toward the sound, cursing.

All of a sudden a voice out of nowhere, "Stop right there! Your dog is in a coyote trap." Wha? Who? Then I saw him--Izod & khaki man, standing behind his nice house in the woods, cupping hands, shouting, instructing. "Your dog is in a trap...move to your right…come up behind ...there are other traps." So, what, now I'm in a mine field? You're joking right??

The no humor man talked me through hidden dangers and trap-release protocols. It's a miracle my dog wasn't hurt. Gingerly I tiptoed back to safety. His parting shot, "that's why you're supposed to leash your dog!" Oh yea? I hope a coyote whees on your roses.

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