Unnecessarily the News, part 2

In Unnecessarily the News, pt. 1, I said media outlets should stop reporting intentionally violent acts and sexual assaults of kids 12 and under. I don't see any compelling reasons. Here's a recent story like that, lifted directly from the source:

Police in Ohio have accused a man of beating his 5-year-old daughter because she was having trouble with her alphabet homework.

Akron police say the kindergartner was struggling to recognize the letter D on Tuesday when 39-year-old Christopher D. Curry became angry. According to police, he picked the girl up by the neck and struck her in the head repeatedly.

The Akron Beacon Journal reports the child was treated at a hospital for bruises and cuts, including a left eye nearly swollen shut.
Curry has been charged with felonious assault, child endangering and domestic violence. He is being held in the Summit County jail with bond set for $100,000.

Jail officials say they don’t know if he has an attorney, and none is listed in court records. 

Feeling more informed, up to date, in the loop? Or just another story to get bummed about, then move on?

I claim it hurt you, us, the world collective. Now less light, and a wee more darkness in mind and heart. Just by reading it.

Okay, rationales: 1) We need to be warned. Wait, you don't know about this evil? So do 99% of us. Teach kids safety and strategies instead of taking this in.

2) It will discourage other evil doings. Seriously? The profoundly sick or pathologically stressed  adults who hit or rape kids are going to stop and count to 10 instead of whipping, raping, punching or touching...because they read this?

3) Freedom of the press (laughter). I'm pretty much a first amendment absolutist but this plea is for news outlets to voluntarily stop covering these stories, not be required.

4) Brings attention to the problem. See #1.

After pt. 1 a friend shared an experience. Said that reading or hearing about it provided a worthwhile witnessing effect for all. Not sure I understand that completely, but without direct knowledge myself I'll honor their truth.

It's not that "no news" on intentional harm and sexual abuse of kids under 12 saves me (us) discomfort, not exactly. It means there's less to add to the world's dark mix. In my view, it's just unnecessarily the news.

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