Course Correction

Shaker Square is a cool blend of fine style and funky-maybes. The movie there is the old-time kind (think anti-multiplex) with the elegant bathrooms next to the sort-of Turkish but mostly faded mural.

Also dig the Monte Cristo sandwich with homemade "Tango Sauce" at the diner-ish joint on the corner, and across the tracks is my coffee shop.

Good Italian roast, qualitatively diverse clientele. One day they served me a fully caffeinated  life lesson. It was pretty early when I ran in and my VIP self saw a VIP other and I ignored the counter guy (who is now Darin) in big brush off-style.

Back at the counter Darin, with an attitude, corrected my attitude. The customer wasn't right this time. He introduced himself as more than a guy brewing dark java, and he demanded to know my name. It hit me hard and it hit me right. I thanked him.

Later he and co-worker Nic thanked me for being open to the necessary correction of my humanity manners, something my rush-thru-day self forgot.

So, at Dewey's at least, I will remember. Big Joe Turner sings, "Don't care how big you are, don't care how much you're worth. When it all is done we gotta go back to Mother Earth" True that.

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