Wave the Flag, pt. 2

So instead of waiting till next year to find out more about the yard-flags, it happened barely two hours after posting Wave the Flag pt. 1.

I was driving down the street and a man was standing in the driveway of the lawn displaying 200+ small U.S. flags. He wore no shirt, was unshaved and smoking a cig. I just pulled in. Why not?

He told me that he started doing it five years ago after doing a "clean out" of a Vet's house (that's his business--getting rid of stuff left behind) and finding boxes of the patriotic squares. His brother was in Vietnam and his uncle died in WW II.

I thanked him and started to go. He stopped me and held out his hand, "I'm Carmen, who are you?" Just someone who thinks displaying all those flags is cool, and never thinking I would.

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