In a tow truck, getting back to Cleveland

Recently I was running around Youngstown in money-seeking meetings all day. On the way back home, tired, hungry and sans new funds, the transmission gave up. Had to be towed all the way to Bedford (73 miles), along with my boss. 

What the breakdown did, though, is provide an opportunity to stare at the sunset while waiting on a tow truck driver. For more than an hour.

Archie then towed us in fine style, chewing tobacco and spitting into an empty half-gallon milk jug the whole way. His daddy was a long distance trucker, 40 + years. Archie beamed when he told us of the times he went along for the ride. 

Crammed in the sun-infused cab, I continued facing west, thankful to be in a working truck. Thankful for Archie. 

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